Reversible Double Knit Wool Shawl With Flounce Hem and Mink Fur Trim


Dress to impress.....

With this reversible double knit wool shawl with flounce hem and mink fur trim

Warm, cozy and stylish, this wrap can be worn as a midseason coat or over one. Made of 100% wool with authentic mink fur, it exudes high quality and will add sophistication to anything you wear.

The two different colours gives you the option to wear it on either side and makes a nice contrast.

This is a great choice for someone who values comfort and individual style as they have free rein to wear it exactly as they wish. 

If you are looking for a great gift to offer, this is the one! 

Classy and timeless!

Infos and specs:

  • Two-sided, one side is a lighter shade of beige colour than the other
  • Thick woven wool 
  • Flounce hem 
  • Mink fur trim (Full length)


Total width:  31 inches / 79 cm

Full length:  180 inches / 457,20 cm

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