1940s Fitted Eggplant Colour Wool Blazer M


Looking for a timeless, war era vintage blazer in mint condition ?

This amazing vintage fitted wool blazer from the 1940’s, has a fantastic rich eggplant colour. Being from the 40s (the war era), the shoulders are padded inspired by the military but the lines are still very feminine : princess darts on the bodice for a fitted look and an interesting triangular detailing on the chest, highlighting your best assets.  

The shawl collar can be crossed over and if buttoned will hold up straight. Even after 80 years this blazer is in mint condition and has a timeless design that will be fashionable for many years to come.

Dont miss out on this rare collectors item for the true vintage connoisseur that you are!

Info & Specs.

  • Label 1 l: especially created by CY MONETTE (Hand sewn)
  • Label 2: Slattery's BOSTON BROOKLYN WELLSLEY
  • Material:  medium weight Wool
  • Size: 44 fits Medium
  • Welt button holes (one in the collar) 4 (four) buttons
  • Princess line
  • Triangle decorative detailing on chest
  • Mint condition
  • Colour is between burgundy and eggplant


Bust: 39 inches

Waist: 31 inches

sleeve length: 24.5 inches 

total length: 25.5 inches

Sleeve cuff: 10 inches

Model's Measurements:

Bust: 37.25 inches

Waist: 31 inches

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