1980s | Designer Geometric Cut Bolero Blazer | Jean Airoldi | S


Turn heads with this one-of-a-kind and rare Jean Airoldi cropped blazer! 

This asymmetrical bolero blazer by Quebecois designer Jean Airoldi is absolutely stunning! You won't find a piece like this anywhere else. Airoldi's unique style shines through perfectly in the stitching and geometric cut of this blazer. The thick shoulder pads and bolero style makes it the perfect combination of designer couture and 1980s style. 

Info & specs

  • Thick shoulder pads
  • Asymmetrical shape neckline
  • Oblique left shoulder chest pocket
  • Material: Linen
  • Quebecois/Canadian designer Jean Airoldi
  • Small



See last image (The measurements have been taken lying flat)

N.B. You will have to double all horizontal measurements (waist, hips and width at hem) on the picture to compare with the model’s or your own measurements .

Model's measurements

Bust: 35.5 Inches

Waist: 27.5 Inches

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