Black Batwing Sleeve Sweater With Feather Details S-M-L


This funky vintage sweater with feather detailing is a unique take on a simple sweater. A row of soft, authentic feathers extends around the collar and diagonally across the sweater for one-of-a-kind detailing. The feathers are attached by invisible velcro for easy removal and cleaning. 

Because of its versatile shape and simple black colour, this piece could be worn in many different settings: pair with a black skirt for a chic holiday look, or throw this on with a pair of jeans for an elevated nighttime outfit!

Info & Specs

  • Label: Süheylâ Creations
  • Material: acrylic blend knit
  • Medium-large
  • V-shaped collar
  • Batwing three-quarter sleeve
  • Decorative row of feathers attached with velcro 
  • Ribbed waistband and cuffs 


Total length: 25 inches

Waist: 24.5 inches (12.25 inches flat)

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