Dive into retro style with the history of vintage coats!

At Bohème Vintage, quality vintage coats from the 50s to the 2000s, are our specialty. Within our selection, you will find wool, leather, sheepskin, fur, faux-fur and designer coats. A few of them can be found in our Montreal store, and if you want to discover more, check-out our Instagram account. If any interess you, DM us to have more infos.

To give you a taste of the different eras that can be found in our selection here are some examples:


1950s: Hourglass Silhouettes and Feminine Charm

Coats from the 50s embraced the feminine silhouette with tailored waists and full skirts. The swing coat, characterized by its A-line flare, became a popular choice, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. Knee-length, wide collars, structured shoulders, and luxurious fabrics; that's what best characterizes coats from this era.
Iconic Coat: The New Look silhouette by Christian Dior influenced coats of the time, featuring full skirts and cinched waists.

1960s: The Style Revolution

Coats from the 60s became shorter, adopting bold patterns, bright colors, and flared silhouettes. The mod coat, with its square silhouette and contrasting trims, reflected the avant-garde spirit of the era.
Iconic Coat: The pea coat remained a staple, while the introduction of the "Jackie Kennedy" coat, collarless and elegant, embodied simplicity and sophistication.

1970s: Bohemian Spirit and Self-Expression

Coats from the 70s embodied the bohemian and disco aesthetics of the time. Psychedelic patterns, earthy colors, fringes, and ethnic details marked this decade, reflecting the diversity of cultural and stylistic influences.
Iconic Coat: The Afghan sheepskin coat with embroidery, synonymous with the free-spirited attitude of the time, became an iconic representation of 70s fashion.

1980s: Power and Excess

The 1980s were characterized by powerful dressing and excess. Coats became oversized with broad shoulders, reflecting the bold and assertive style of the era. Animal prints, faux fur, bright colors, and striking details such as shoulder pads were predominant. All prints are also very exaggerated.
Iconic Coat: The oversized coat with padded shoulders, as seen, for example, in the movie Working Girl (1988), embodies the boldness of the 80s.

1990s: Grunge and Minimalism

Coats from the 90s are recognized for their streamlined silhouettes, straight cuts, and the use of functional materials such as denim and nylon. The grunge style also marked the decade with washed denim coats, worn leather jackets, and a casual approach to fashion. Lines are clean, simple, and coats are often long.
Iconic Coat: The oversized plaid coat, tartan, inspired by grunge and popularized by designers like Vivienne Westwood.

2000s: Futuristic and Experimental

Coats from the 2000s are characterized by a diversity of styles, ranging from hooded coats to embellished denim jackets, as well as widespread use of synthetic fur. Varied cuts, retro inspirations defined this decade marked by an eclectic fusion of trends.
Iconic Coat: The metallic and futuristic puffer jacket became the iconic representation of 2000s fashion, blending nostalgia with avant-garde elements.


If you'd like to see the originals from every era, visit us in our Montreal shop or contact us to find out more! With the wide variety of coats we have, you're bound to find one you like.

Buying vintage is an eco-conscious choice that transcends ephemeral fashion trends. It's also a good investment, because your next favourite piece will never lose its value!