1950s Blue Suede Crescent Handbag


1950s | Blue suede Crescent handbag with detailed gold frame

In all my years of collecting I have never encountered a bag like this one! The color, shape and unique frame detailing make it a collection piece.

The handbag is in mint condition and looks modern even though it was made in the 50's by Koret a famous Montreal brand for high-quality purses.

The crescent shape and the midnight blue satin lining is incredibly chic.

The sculpted antique gold detailing on the frame paired with the blue suede makes an interesting contrast of textures and colours giving it even more appeal.

it's just so special!

If you are looking for a unique bag that will have people talking, this is the one for you!  

Info & Specs:

  • Label: Koret Accessories
  • Made in Canada
  • Genuine midnight blue suede
  • Full satin lining
  • Gold antique patine sculpted detailed crescent metal frame 
  • Push lock clasp closure
  • Handle is attached to metal loops on hinges


Height: Middle 4.5 inches

Sides: 8.5 inches

Depth: 3.25 inches

Width: 13 inches

Strap Drop: 10.5 inches

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