1960s | Sunburst Pleated Tent Dress | S/M


Put some fun and colour in your day with this original 60s summer tent dress! The bold plaid motif and the unique sunburst pleating makes it a one-of-a-kind find.

Can easily be dressed up or down, but is best for casual and semi-formal.

Info & specs

  • Label: À La Nouvelle Orléans
  • Material: Lightweight fabric with an acetate lining 
  • Loose fit, small or medium
  • Bow detail on shoulder with 4 snap closure and a hook (needs some repairs)
  • Side zipper On the dress and on the lining


Bust: 36.5 inch

Waist and hips: free

Total length: 38.5 inch

Model measurements 

Bust: 34.5 inch

Waist: 28.5 inch 

Hips: 38.75 inch 

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