1970-80s Jean Varon Designer Navy Blue Trapeze Midi Dress M/L


Looking for a dressy and confortable designer dress?

This dress will be perfect for summer, as its shape allows you to move with ease and is breezy. It suits every silhouette, and the fabric is stretchy and medium weight so it's comfortable and makes you feel like you are not wearing anything.

This piece is subtle and elegant and will look great with some accessories like a little bag, some jewelry and heel shoes. You can also decide to wear it with a belt, to emphasize your shape. 

The perfect addition to your summer wardrobe! 

About the designer: 

John Bates is an English fashion designer who, working as Jean Varon, was part of the boutique scene that blossomed in London in the 1960s. 

Bates' work as Jean Varon in the 1960s was particularly modernistic. He designed dresses with bare midriffs, sheer panels, and very short hemlines, and as early as 1962 was designing high-fashion plastic garments.

In 1965 Bates designed memorable outfits for Diana Rigg to wear for her role as Emma Peel in The Avengers



Infos and Specs:

  • Label : Jean Varon
  • Size 10 (83 cm) - Fits Medium or Large
  • Material: 100% Viscose
  • Made in England
  • Medium-weight fabric
  • Stretchy jersey fabric
  • Armhole is hand finished
  • Deep cut armhole (13 inches long)
  • Tunic-like (fabric is gathered at the neckline, creating voluminous shape)
  • Curl detailing at the neckline
  • Wavy hem finishing


Total length: 46 inches

Model's measurements:

Bust: 40 inches

Waist: 30 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Height: 5 foot 8 inches


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