1970s | Artisanal Woven Handbag with Wood Handle


Colourful, handmade and one of a kind !

What an amazing bag!

In all my years of collecting, i have never encountered a handbag like this one.Certainly handmade, the simple and ingenious design of this bag, is very special. Made with a thick artisanally woven wool fabric, the whole bag is structured around a single wooden handle, from where the fabric hangs  on each side and a full pocket is created by turning the fabric over and sewing the edges together.

A collectors item that will have people talking!

Info & specs

  • Rectangular wood handle
  • Thick and tightly woven wool fabric
  • Autumn colours: Red, Burgundy, Brick, Mustard Yellow. 
  • Two compartments: one on each side            


Width:   Bottom: 14 inches     Top: 6 inches

Height: 14 inches

Depth: 1.5 inches

Handle drop: 2.5 inches

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