1970s | Patchwork Print Short Puff Sleeve Blouse | S


Looking for an original piece to add to your collection? 

This button-up shirt with short puff sleeves is just the thing to have in your closet this summer!

It has a 1970s patchwork print and four non matching red buttons that ends just below the waistline, leaving the bottom of the blouse open.

You could wear this blouse in many ways, but is better suited worn over a tight fitting bottom.

Give a 70s flair to your look and express your fun and unique style!


  • Size Small
  • Material: polyester-type fabric
  • Puff sleeve
  • 4 welt button holes
  • 4 different buttons
  • Pointed collar
  • Fitted
  • Bust dart
  • Fitting darts in the back


Bust: 32.5-33 inches

Waist: 29 inches

Sleeve length: 8,5 inches

Total length: 26 inches

Model's Measurements: 

Bust: 31 inches

Waist: 23 inches


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