About Bohème Vintage

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Lorraine Lévesque and my passion is fashion: more specifically, the creative process and the design behind clothing and accessories.

I consider all of them pieces of art, living artworks that infuse beauty into our daily lives.

Fashion, to me, is meant to be an expression of oneself and one's individuality, and I hope to foster that with my clothing and store. 

The Start

It all began in my teenage years during the 70s with a desire to distinguish myself and to express my creativity.

I started to wear secondhand clothing, especially beautiful dresses from the 50s which weren’t so easily available back then. I also began dabbling in sewing and designing in order to make the kind of clothes I liked and fit properly more accessible.   

You could say that my "retro bohemian" style started back then and still influences my look today.

My studies

My first experience with designing for others happened while i was traveling in India in the early 80s.

The lavish colors and fabrics were so inspiring that I ended up making my first small collection bringing it home to Quebec with me.

After that, I was hooked: I decided I was going to study fashion design, and I did! 

I began at Lasalle College in Montreal in '84 and embarked on a five year journey before finally graduating in '89.

Reigniting my love for vintage 

In the early 90s, while searching for quality baby clothes for my newborn, I stumbled into the secondhand/vintage world and was wowed by the gems I could find for only a few bucks! 

Though I was initially looking for my son, I soon began finding amazing pieces for me, my sisters, my mother, which launched me into my journey of collecting.

The beginnings of my business

I started organizing yard sales for children's clothing, which I advertised around the neighborhood with flyers. I later ventured into my "home sales"--which I organized and advertised in the same manner--during which my son and I would take my boxes of children's clothing around to families so they could choose what they wanted.  

Finally in 1997, when my son started school, I opened my store Bohéme on St. Viateur Street in Montreal, ready to give professional vintage collecting and selling a try! 

So, without any experience, I just dove in...

23 years later

My store is still in its original location. Over the years, my collection has grown as I've learned how to better curate.

Today at Bohème Vintage, you will find the "creme de la creme" of over 25 years of treasure hunting and collecting. All of the items presented here are works of art from as early as 1910.

My longtime passion for reviving vintage treasures and helping my customers find the best-fitting clothing for them is as strong as ever! The best feeling for me is finding the perfect outfit to complement your unique style and body so that you will feel confident and amazing. 

 2021, the start of a new chapter  

Keeping up with the times and moving my collection onto an online store is a totally new adventure for me. There are so many opportunities to share knowledge and to reach a variety of people all over the planet. I’m very excited to see where this will lead!

I plan to write about different subjects on the blog and share some of my experience and knowledge that i hope can enrich and inspire you.

I am looking forward to meeting you and let’s keep in touch!

Lots of love,



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