How to Measure Yourself For Clothing

Why knowing your measurements matters: 

Between today’s mass-produced clothing and inconsistent sizing, finding garments that fit you well can be a maddening task! At Bohéme Vintage, not only do we want our clothing to fit you, but we also want it to frame and flatter you—allowing you to feel and look as beautiful as you are. 

Even if your clothing technically fits you properly, there are certain cuts, lengths, and detailing which will enhance and balance the natural symmetry of your body. Taking and knowing your own measurements allows you to find clothing that fits your body type without relying upon vague industrial sizing. Once equipped with your own measurements and better knowledge of your body type, you can use our guide to find clothing that accentuates your natural curves and best flatters you! 

We believe in the power of self-knowledge and self-love, and value the diversity of all shapes and sizes! Our guide to body types is not an exact science, nor is it an entirely exhaustive list. You may find that even while you fit into one category, another one also resonates with you—that’s okay! Ultimately, you know yourself best and probably already have a good idea of what looks best on you. If you are having any issues or doubts about your measurements, please reach out to consult with Lorraine or stop by our Montréal store for in-person assistance. 

How to measure yourself: 

You will need a tape measure, a mirror, and someone to assist you. It is important to measure with undergarments or other thin clothes to get the most accurate measurement possible. Stand up straight, breathe, and don’t suck in your stomach (it will only lead to tight clothes!). 

First, stand in front of a mirror and observe yourself. Do you notice anything in particular? Maybe you already see, just from observation, that your shoulders are wider than your hips, or you have particularly long legs. Again, these are things you likely already know, but it may serve as a helpful reminder. 

Using the following charts and descriptions, measure each area accordingly: 

Chart specifying which measurements to take and where on the body each can be found (gender neutral)Chart specifying which measurements to take and where on the body each can be found (gender neutral)

Bust: Hold your arms at your side. Measure at the fullest part of the bust, holding the tape so it wraps in a straight horizontal line parallel to the floor. Start with the tape in the back and pull it around to your front. 

Waist: Measure at the smallest part of your torso (likely right below your ribcage). 

Hips: Measure at the widest part of your hips, which is not necessarily where your hip bone begins. 

Shoulders: Measure with a straight spine, shoulders back and relaxed. Measure from the widest high point at the top of your arms. 

Back length: Measure from the base of your neck (or the top vertebrae of your spine) to your waist, top to bottom.

* * * 

Now that you’ve taken your measurements, learn which styles and shapes will suit your body type, or start shopping with our ultimate guide to vintage.