Identifying Your Body Type and Shape

If you have not yet measured yourself, read our post with detailed instructions on measurements.

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Now that you have your measurements, you're probably wondering how you can use them, and how they can aid you in finding flattering clothing for your unique shape! Most directly, you can use your measurements to compare to products online rather than relying upon imprecise size guides and ensure the proper fit. 

As important as measurements are, however, it is ultimately more useful to have a working knowledge of your own individual body type and what types of clothing will suit you. We have created 


Use our chart below to see which body type you are: 




The measured difference between the shoulders and waist/hips is less than 7.5 inches, meaning the waist is less defined, creating an “H”-like shape. (AKA a square shape)


The measurements of shoulders and hips are nearly equal and the waist is marked, as in the “X” shape. (AKA an hourglass shape) 


The shoulders are narrower than the hips, creating an “A”-like shape. (AKA a triangle shape) 


The shoulders are wider than the hips, creating a “V”-like shape. (AKA an upside-down or inverted triangle shape) 

Obviously, however, this body type is not all-encompassing, and does not account for the vertical proportions of your body (i.e. whether you have longer legs or a shorter torso, etc.), nor is anyone likely a perfect match. Probably, you’re a combination of a few different descriptions, so your body type is most useful when viewed as a general guide for learning what will help accentuate your features. 

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We have curated a list of items and styles to aid you in shopping for your body type, and explain why specific items may suit you better...

For an X-shaped body type, wear clothing that compliments and accentuates your natural silhouette, which is likely already well-defined. Fitted clothing that focuses on your waist will help keep your figure balanced. Fitted blouses, belted jackets, high-waisted trousers, and A-line skirts all work well with your shape. Check out these pieces from our website for reference: 

  • 50s era dresses, like this green chiffon one, were made with your shape in mind, and are often very flattering for X-shaped bodies. 
  • These high-waisted flared pants will comfortably define your waist and elongate your legs. 
  • Go with a belted jacket to stay warm without completely obscuring your figure under layers of clothing. 
  • A simple-cut A-line skirt is an easy and versatile option for workwear. 

H-shaped body types often have balanced, proportionate torsos with a less-defined waist, so flattering clothing will help create curves and dimension, especially at the waist. Rounded necklines, uniquely embellished sleeves, belted tops, and mid-rise, tapered pants (especially 90s cuts) all work to break up a rectangular torso shape. See the following pieces for examples: 

A-shaped body types are heavier on the bottom than the top (often with narrow shoulders and wider hips), so dressing should therefore focus on drawing attention towards the shoulders and upper half while taking it away from the lower half. Opt for wider necklines, structured shoulders, voluminous short sleeves, and bold prints to accentuate your bust and shoulders. Simple pants with clean lines and bootcut or relaxed fits will help minimize the lower body. Try some of these styles: 

V-shaped body types are the opposite of A-shaped, with prominently wide shoulders, a larger bust, a less-defined waist, and straight or flat-appearing hips. Contrary to A-shaped figures, V-shape styling requires focusing on the lower half, specifically by softening the shoulder lines and adding to the hips. Your best options for this include narrow necklines (to detract from the shoulders) or halter tops (to recreate a slimmer shoulder line), and avoiding cropped tops which add to the top-heavy imbalance. 

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For more suggestions on Bohème pieces to fit your body type, or if you’re unsure how to interpret your own measurements, please reach out to us--we are happy to help!